Shankarrao Mohite Mahavidyalaya, Akluj


Procedure and Policies for maintenance and utilizing Physical, Academic and Support Services Facilities


Construction, maintenance and repairing of academic buildings, library, classrooms, electrical appliances and other physical infrastructure of Shankarrao Mohite Mahavidyalaya, Akluj is done by a college committee which is constituted by the Principal in consultation with IQAC. The major role of the committee is to take the review of the items of the maintenance as per the applications of various departments. The committee also visited classrooms, laboratories, playground, library and hostels to understand the nature and need of maintenance and accordingly the list of items under maintenance is prepared.

The college has number of policies, procedures and practices to govern its operation. The maintenance and cleaning of the classrooms and furniture is done with efforts of the non-teaching staff and laborers on daily wages. In major cases the college hires maintenance services from outside. Construction, Maintenance and repairing of academic buildings, library, classrooms, electrical appliances and other physical infrastructure of this college is done by the college under non salary grants with the prior permission of the principal and parent institution as per the prescribed procedure.

Objectives of the Policy

1) To make optimum utilization of physical, academic and support services’ facilities.

2) To maintain the facilities of physical, academic and support services time to time

The infrastructure development committee of the college plays important role for developing and maintenance of physical, academic and support services. The committee receiving the replacement of infrastructure and the same will be discussed in the college development committee meeting. The separation application should be submitted by the departments.


General measures for optimum utilization of physical, academic and support services facilities

1. The administrative and departmental staff takes care of all physical academic and support services facilities.

2. For proper use of infrastructure facilities instructions are displayed.

3. Technical staff is appointed as per need to look after ICT facilities.

4. Under supervision of faculty and technical staff students carefully handled all instruments and chemicals.

5. Provision for keeping naphthalene balls for Library books’ journals and magazines and office documents for preservation and also pest control is carried out.

6. Electric fitting and repairing external services are hired.

7. For security purpose of the all facilities security guard and watchman are appointed.

8. The day to day drinking water supply facilities maintained by the supporting staff.

9. Botanical garden, Lawns and other plants are maintained by the temporary staff.

10. The maintenance of boys and girls common rooms, offices for IQAC, NSS, NCC, cultural department, YCMOU study center and competitive examination center is done by peons and laborers on daily wages.

11. The college has its own canteen run by the vendor appointed by the college. The canteen committee checks the food and also the hygienic quality. Vendor follows all the guidelines given by the government of Maharashtra and maintains the hygiene and does not sell cold-drinks, fast-foods and other banned items.


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