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Library services are improved time to time as per suggestions received through suggestion box and students feedback questionnaire.

  • Bibliographic service
  • Reference Service
  • Service to outstanding students
  • Books for Entrance/Competitive/NET-SET Examinations
  • Audio/Visual Aids
  • Awareness among Users
  • Periodical Section
  • E-Library
  • Services to sister institutes
  • Ready Reference Services
  • Department Library
  • INTERNET Facility
  • Extra facilities to the users
  • Library Orientationto new member of the library
  • Book Exhibition
  • Open access for all Senior college Students
  • Special Services to Competitive and NET/SET Examination
  • List of Added books and Journals to the Library are circulated to concern of Department of College
  • Back Volumes of Periodicals available in the Library
  • News Paper cuttings of the College and Parent Institution and special occasions
  • New Arrivals
  • News and Events


  1. Bibliographic service:

This service is provided to make the users aware of number of     documents available in their subject. It is useful to inform the users about physical details like author, title, Publisher and place of publication of the books. Faculty members and students of this college get the benefit of this scheme. 

  1. Reference Service:

Reference service is separate section in the library. At present, there are 1258 reference books like dictionary; encyclopedias, Britannica yearbook, other yearbooks, directory etc. are available in our library. The reference books are issued on identity card for one day out of reference section to the students as per demand.

  • Service to outstanding students:

Those students who have shown outstanding contribution in various activities of college like cultural, sports, NSS, NCC, stand in merit in 11th std., library gives one additional borrow card  to these students for unlimited time without any charges for the academic year.

  1. Books for Entrance/Competitive/NET-SET Examinations:

Those students who have studied Competitive examination, MH CET, to get admission for medical/ engineering and others, the library provides related subject books.

At present, there are 4823 competitive examinations books available in various types of subjects like MPSC, UPSC, NDA, MBA, NET/SLET, CA, and ICWA Foundation in the library.

Books for competitive examinations such as MPSC, UPSC, NDA, Banking, Railway, MBA, NET/SLET and CA Foundation are issued to the students on identity /borrower card to the students as per the demand.  

MH CET books also issued to the 12th std. students for seven days on Borrow Card.

  1. Audio/Visual Aids:

     We provide C.D.s on demand to the staff of various types of departments. At present, there are 413 C.D.s and 15 audio cassettes available in the library. The Audio/Visual Aids are issued to faculty members on demand for a period of seven days and students for one day.

We have purchased set of C.D’s (5 C. D) of Marathi Vishwakosh vol. 1-17. We also get free of cost C.D.s along with few books and few periodicals/ journals.

  1. Awareness among Users:

The aim of library is not only to provide the books, journals and other reading materials to users but also to make them aware of recent trends in educational, social and political events. Therefore, we display selected new books in display showcase “New Arrival”. We also display a list of all new added books on notice board as a books added in the library. Newspaper, clipping file, list of magazines are also displayed from time to time on the notice board of the library.

  • Periodical Section:

We are regular subscriber of 152 journals and periodicals/magazines of various research subjects and general magazines from UGC grants and non salary grant and post graduate non grant.

Current research periodicals and general magazines are displayed on periodical rack and issues to the students for one day on Identity Card. Back issues of periodicals are made available for faculty members and students on Identity card after the demand.

In addition, there are 13 daily newspapers in two sets available in the library. One set for faculty members and second set for students.

  • e-Library:

               Information and Library Network (INFLIBNET), Inter-University Centre (IUC) of University Grants Commission (UGC) and Ministery of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India have funded the e-resources programme entitled “National Library and Information Services infrastructure for Scholarly Content (N-LIST)” on 4th May, 2010 at Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi and the college has subscribed the same by paying subscription Rs. 5900/-. Under this scheme more than 6000 e-journals (including current issues with 5-10 years back PDF files) and 30,00,000 e-books of different national as well as international publishers’ books and research journals are made available to the faculty members and the students of our college for their research and study purpose.

  1. Services to sister institutes:

To support reading habits of users from sister institute of the college like B.Ed., D.Ed., D. Pharmacy, Home science, Agriculture and our others nearest branches of institute and Bank of India (SMM Extension Counter) are given books, general Magazines Research periodicals on demand according to rules of library.

  1. Ready Reference Services:

This Service is useful for students, faculty members and external students. We provide syllabi of the course to faculty members to get an overall idea about the course. In addition, the regular students are provided syllabus, question papers sets of last two years final exam to get an idea of the course and to prepare well in advance for the annual examination.

  1. Department Library:

We provide department library facility to all science departments of under graduate and post graduate. This facility is useful for all students and staff of science departments. Total nine departments are getting benefit of this facility.

  • INTERNET Facility:

Library provides INTERNET facility free of cost to faculty members from 9.30 am to 4.00 pm where as total six hours/year is provided to the students at nominal fees. Register of Internet access is maintained in particular format by library.

  • Extra facilities to the users:

For better use of library material and for betterment of library users, following some extra facilities are provided by the library.

  1. Drinking Water
  2. Xerox facility
  3. Suggestion Box